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Diamond Aran sweater sizes and pricing

Newborn, 1000sek
6-18 months, 1250sek
18m-2.5year, 1300sek
2.5-3.5year 1500sek
3y, 1550
4y, 1600sek
5y, 1800sek
6-7y, 2000sek
8-9y, 2200sek
10-12y, 2800sek
teen, 3250sek
Adult s (cropped and wide), 3850sek
Adult m (hip length and wide), 4300sek
Adult L (longer length and oversized), 4850sek
Adult L (longest length 66cm), 5200sek
We pay our knitters per size. As a basic guide, the smallest size takes one day to knit and the largest takes one week to knit. 
We source not the cheapest but the best quality merino wool that arrives freshly combed and spun in Germany and it contains zero oils or detergents. 
I dye all the wool by hand in my studio in Malmö. 
100% merino wool. Hand dyed. Hand knitted.